Carolina Martin

“I want you to believe in power of nature.
Feel the touch of magical amber on your skin.”

The Ambreillance line has been created for people who can enjoy life, who really needs flawless skin. Our natural products must be created using the highest of quality of amber, ethically sourced natural and organic ingredients.

Carolina Martin cosmetics are always made using the highest possible of
naturally-derived ingredients (such as essential oils, flowers extracts, herbs, roots andambers) combined with naturally surfactants, humectants, emulsifiers and naturally occuring carrier agents.


Saponin cleansing gel with baltic amber

Saponin gel tones skin, eliminates
excess sebum and oily skin.

Extract from the root of soap bark tree:
natural cleansing agent of plant origin
Oligosaccharide from maltose
and sacharose:
protect skin and helps rebuild
a natural microflora on skin
Caprylic/capric glucoside:
natural non-ionic cleaning agent
Moisturizing effect. Inhibits TEWL - transepidermal water loss
Rosemary extract:
anti-inflammatory and tensing

Multi corrective serum-mask

Baltic Amber:
skin regeneration
Glycyrrhizic acid:
multifunctional properties soothing, moisturizing antiseptic properties, inhibits the formation of blackheads
Turmeric extract:
brightening and depigmenting properties
Thyme extract:
antiseptic, cleaning and soothing properties
Purnava extract:
depigmenting properties

Under eye lightening &moisteruzing cream

Baltic Amber:
skin regeneration and UV
TARA tree Polysaccharides:
3D lifting
Chicory oligosaccharides:
skin tension
Plant complex:
under eye pouches elimination

Whitening moisturizing cream

Baltic amber:
UV protection
Oligosaccharides of algae:
creates a protective mask
TARA tree polysaccharides:
3D facelift
of the chicory tree:
Smoothes tension wrinkles